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Galaxy of customized solutions

Calibration and Service

Research and Development

15 % of our staff is employed in R&D. Our engineers hold international patents, which makes our products highly competitive and unique in the market. One of the significant results of our R&D is the creation of our own P2P technology, which allows us to create unique heavy-duty sensors for a lot of applications. Over that we use a wide variety of technologies to make the right sensor for the tasks of our customer.
Often we receive an idea or request from our customer to create a customized solution. The project is calculated using appropriate milestones based on R&D roadmaps. In the innovation process, we cooperate not only with universities but also with non-university scientific institutions. Together with clients, our company brings new developments to the market through joint projects.

We invite you to take a look at our measurement technology galaxy. In each of the chapters Pressure, Temperature, Level you will find basic descriptions of our sensor product families and series, as well as product groups that are offered for specific applications.

Quality service

 The quality of our sensors is extremely important to us. We place the highest demands on our products and test them thoroughly. Our quality service monitors possible problems that may occur at our sensors and investigates their causes in detail in order to avoid breakdowns.
All our sensors pass our factory calibration service. But we do not only calibrate our sensors but also just the for the smallest possible measurement error. Our calibration equipment is permanently verified and controlled to guarantee the reference standard and quality of the calibration.
Our transmitters are very stable. So recalibration normally is not necessary. But if the customer wishes a recalibration we can do it. We will certify that with a factory certification sheet.

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