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Test Stands, CNC equipment, presses, HVAC

Industrial automation

In industrial automation, sensors play a very important role in creating intelligent and highly automated products. Systems in mechanical engineering and automation technology are usually unique, highly complex, and constantly in operation – usually for many years.

Machine monitoring requires sensors with the highest level of sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability.
Our pressure transducers have proven to be excellent in their accuracy and reliability.

Therefore sensors from both the SPT-Family (Standard Pressure Transmitters) and the CIT-Family (Computerised Intelligent Transmitters) are well suited for these requirements.

Trucks, Buses, Rail, Road Working Machines


When performance and reliability matter, engineers in transportation rely on us to solve complex industry challenges.

We work closely with customers to develop and deliver the reliable sensor solutions needed for a wide range of complex and demanding applications, including exhaust systems, engines, brakes, suspensions, cabs, etc.

Pressure and temperature sensors from Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik are recognized and proven solutions for the transportation industry.

Vehicles and Machines in Construction, Mining, Farming, Military

Off Highway mobile equipment

Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik offers a diverse portfolio of sensor technology for off-road vehicles. Our unique piezoresistive, very compact pressure sensors (without oil reservoir) is based on a new type of dual-chip technology (P2P technology – our patented development) and are very suitable for off-highway mobile equipment. They allow for the highest strength and performance requirements such as stability, vibration, and shock resistance.

Our PMP-S222  has been specially developed for use in harsh environments, such as those prevalent in the off-highway sector. We can also offer a series of Explosion-proof pressure transducers for use in harsh environments (for Drilling and Mining needs in cold climates). In addition, our rugged temperature and level transmitters are also in demand.

Chemical, Pharma, Food

Industrial Process Control

Our pressure transducers from both Families (SPT and CIT) are recommended for the requirement of these industries. Pressure transmitters using PMI, P2P, and TFT Technologies are suitable for different fields of use in the chemical, pharma, and food industries. These transmitters are well-sealed and made of several materials for critical media.

We have a solution with a flush membrane too. Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik is certified acc. to ISO 9001. We offer a multitude of products compliant with ATEX, IECEx, CSA, and other worldwide relevant qualifications.

Oil, Gas, Wind, Water, Hydrogen, Power stations


Our certified and reliable Explosion Proof Pressure Transducers as well as the  temperature sensors and level probes  for Hazard areas find their way into the oil and gas industry worldwide.

With its pressure transmitters specially modified for hydrogen, which are based on the patented P2P technology and approved according to the European Directive EC79/2009, Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik offers solutions for the growing market around hydrogen applications.

More about our rugged pressure sensor for Hydrogen.

Engines, Hydraulic, Fluidhandling

Marine & Offshore

Thanks to their high resistance to salt water, high vibrations, etc., our sensors are highly durable and meet the strictest requirements in the field of maritime equipment, such as harbor cranes, wind power plants, or marine propulsion systems.

We are using a new type of dual-chip technology (P2P technology – our patented development) that allows the highest requirements for ruggedness and performance, such as stability, resistance to vibration, and shock.

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