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TFT Technology

Thin-Film Technology


For high pressures and harsh environments, steel diaphragms have proven their worth in pressure sensing. The most reliable measurement principles on steel diaphragms use so-called thin film technologies or alternatively strain gage technologies.While thin film technologies have a relatively low raw signal, piezoresistive elements are characterized by a significantly higher raw signal.

Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik uses both measurement techniques. With Thin-Film technology, we use measurement resistors made of polysilicon, which have about three times the raw signal compared to other thin-film technologies (mostly sputtered metals). The steel 17-4PH (1.4542) used is primarily characterized by high overload values. The technology, which has been used at Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik for decades, enjoys a very wide range of applications and reliability.

The media, that shall be measured, only comes into contact with stainless steel. The high internal depth of added value enables PMST to respond quickly to customer requirements on the one hand and to maintain a high, consistent level of quality on the other.

The TFT technology can be used in all our pressure sensor Series S100, S200 and  C100.

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P2P Technology

Our special patented technologie


TFT Technology

Thin-Film Technology


PAM Technology

Piezoresistive Advanced MEMS.


PMI Technology

Piezoresistive Media Isolated


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