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Sensors and Transmitters

Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik  GmbH produced broad range of electronic pressure measuring sensors for the measurement of gauge, absolute and differential pressure.
We are produced with a very high added value “from chip to calibrated transmitter”.
In addition to a wide range of pressure sensors for general industrial applications, we offer customized sensors for hydrogen, hazards areas, off-road sectors, chemical industry, HVAC, hydraulic, gas and oil equipment, drilling and mining.

Our pressure sensor portfolio covers accuracy from 0.25 % FS, measuring ranges from 2 mbar up to 3000 bar, temperature ranges from -70°C to 200°C, digital interfaces and also various international approvals.

We are developed two main pressure transmitters Families:

  • SPT (Standart Pressure transmitters)
  • CIT (Computerised Intelligent transmitters)

Both families show a good performance in the application, but the CIT family has the advantage of being configurable on line.

Despite our standard families, thanks to our experienced R&D team we are able to offer our clients advanced customized solutions.

S100 Series

High media resistance

No internal seals 

Signal conditioning with ASIC

ATEX, CSA, Exd possible

High design flexibility

S200 Series

Advantages of P2P Technology

Very compactable design with high quantities

C100 Series

High media resistance

No internal seals possible

Signal conditioning with microcontroller

High signal accuracy better 0,25 % of full scale signal

Signal downscaling,  Zero-setting, Signal filtering possible

C200 Series

All advantages of C100 with higher accuracy and shoter response time

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